iSpec was designed to work with our core, iManage Informed's Workloading software. This is a powerful tool and not everyone has the need or desire to learn it inside and out.

But, you don't have to learn much of it to use its iSpec-related features. In fact, you may only want to use the reporting capabilities since we'll get you started with space inventory and inspection templates.

But, if you do want to use it:

  • In-house departments will find many tools to aid in organization
  • BSCs' love our bidding tools

If interested in learning more, call us for a demo, or browse our core site by clicking here.

The core uses industry standard task times to generate estimates of the labor time needed to clean a facility.

This task-up model of calculation is known as 'workloading' and is the most accurate way determining labor needed.

We have giant BSCs (you would know their names) using our system to generate bids on a daily basis. We also have large in-house organizations (hospitals, universities, etc.) using our system to generate balanced work assignments. You may find it useful too.